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Going to one panto too many. #panto #ombre #shamelessselfie #hair #bored #ombrehair b a d c
I could be a boho child #boho #headband #hematite #deepseaworld #imhilair #self b a d c
Just taking a bath yo b a d c
Me and my best friend are gorgeous b a d c
b a d c
Just back from Dirty Dancing, which was performed live at a local theatre and oh my god I’m so fucking single. someone send me a muscular, sweaty dancer please.  b a d c
b a d c
Cunt slapped like a boss. b a d c
I like the color of my wall, but it washes out all the other colors on my shitty webcam :/ b a d c

She’s a robot in disguise
b a d c
Too. Many. Quotes.  b a d c
b c a d
b a d c
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